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Any of the images pictured below can be ordered as a 5x7 inch Art Card, a 5x7 inch photograph, an 8x10 inch photograph or an 11x14 inch photograph, unframed.  The photographs are printed professionally on Fujicolor Archival Photo Paper.  The images can also be incorporated into your Custom Alphabet Art. 
See the PRICES page for pricing information.  I will also sell the digital images for use on websites.  However, no image may be reproduced without my consent.
Please email Kathy at kstanczak10@gmail.com for more information or to place an order.
The Great Wall 1
The Great Wall 3
The Great Wall 4

The Great Wall 6
The Great Wall 7
The Great Wall 9
The Great Wall 10
The Great Wall 11
The Great Wall 12
Bridge at Longtan Park
Iris at Longtan Park
Bench at Longtan Park
 Bird attacks cat
Flower branch at Longtan Park (vertical)
Bee in Motion
Flower branch at Longtan Park (horizontal)
Park Path Liuzhou
Willow buds
Azaleas in Liuzhou
Tai Chi in the park
Confucius Temple
Temple Doors
Incense coils
Beijing lake
Beijing bikes
Chinese lights
East Gate
Li River, Yangshuo
Yulong River reflections
Li River walk
Yulong Reflections 2
Blue fans drying
Fan making in Fuli
Red and white fans drying
Xian City Wall
Xian rooftops
Terracotta Warriors
Fans for sale 
The Cube, Beijing
Yangshuo reflections
Yangshuo market
red lanterns
YuYuan Bazaar at night 
YuYuan Tea House
YuYuan lanterns
Qibao knockers
Qibao lanterns
Qibao tea house
Qibao bridge
Chinese padlock
Qibao canal
Qibao lantern
Dazhai Rice Terraces
Hong Cun bridge
Hong Cun Doorway
Hong Cun Panorama
Hong Cun reflections
Hong Cun laundry

Hong Cun detail

Hong Cun panorama 2
Moon Pond, Hong Cun
Moon Pond vertical
Hong Cun Parasol
Huang Shan (Yellow Mountains)
Huang Shan steps

Huang Shan fog
East steps
East steps 2
The Fairy Bridge
Huang Shan Pine

All images are (c) Copyright 2000-2016 by Katherine J. Stanczak and may not be reproduced without the express permission from the photographer.