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See the PRICES page for pricing information. I will also sell digital images for use on websites but please do not use any images without my permission. 
Please email Kathy at kstanczak10@gmail.com for more information or to place an order.

Foggy Walk makes a beautiful Pet Sympathy card

Bird attacks cat
rice paper butterfly
Bali butterfly
green butterfly
butterfly launchpad
me and my shadow
Monarch Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly
sunflower perch

gold finch (horizontal)

gold finch (vertical)
beautiful doe
Canada Geese
Great Horned Owl (horizontal)
Great Horned Owl (vertical)
American Kestrel
Golden Eagle
Red Tailed Hawk
Mill Pond Swans

Screech Owl (horizontal)
Screech Owl (vertical)
two horses
white horse
horse in field

no flies on me

two sheep
Sheep, Fort Saskatchewan Alberta
monkey lunch
Temple monkey
Grey monkeys, Bali
Costa Rican Coati
solo flight
taking flight
Stratford Swan

mini Peacock
Bird Rock, Newfoundland
Northern Gannets
flying through the fog
Sunrise Seagull

 Salton Sea Sunrise
Salton Sea Sunset

All images are (c) Copyright 2000-2016 by Katherine J. Stanczak and may not be reproduced without the express permission from the photographer.