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Gift Suggestions for a New Baby or Birthday of any age

Custom Alphabet Art makes a great Birthday gift for a new baby or kids of any age!  The cost is $30 for an unframed print, up to 8x10 inches.  You can choose your own letters, add a birth date or personal message or photo.
For more information or to place an order, please email kstanczak10@gmail.com
GIADA shown framed to 5x12 inches, can be printed to fit any size frame.
DOB and baby's weight included

ALEXANDER shown framed to 8x20 inches, can be ordered to fit any size frame
up to a max of 12x36 inches.
MEAGHAN printed in sepia, shown framed in white 8x20 inch frame
AJ in nautical and beach themed letters.
Short names can be bordered with stars, flowers, hearts, etc.

Custom Alphabet Art in colored letters, 8x10 shown here, $30 to create
SOPHIE as an 8x10 inch print, in browns and pinks, with date below.
CHLOE baby gift sized to fit an 8x10 or 11x14 inch frame.
BABY Alphabet Art Card, $5 each with pink or mint background
" A baby has a way of adding joy in every single day "
BABY Alphabet Art, personalized with Baby's Name, Date of Birth and weight
only $15 for an 8x10 inch print or $20 for an 11x14 inch print, unframed
JAELYN with pink background framed to 5x12 inches.
GEORGIA, a baptism gift, $30 for an 8x10 inch print unframed.
Confirmation gift, $15 to personalize 8x10 inch FAITH as shown
Custom Alphabet Art, $30 to create and includes up to an 8x10 inch print, unframed
Available to fit any size frame up to a max of 12x36 inches.
AURORA with pink border in white 8x20 inch frame
NEW! Alphabet Art can be tinted.
VANESSA shown here in pink with white 8x20 inch frame. 
Need more pink?  No problem! 
Custom Alphabet Art framed to 8x10 inches, includes dob and weight and length.

Custom Alphabet Art in colored letters, $30 to create.
Can be sized to fit any size frame.
TYSON in sports themed letters sized to 8x10 inches, $30 unframed.
BRODY in hockey themed letters sized to 8x10 inches.
Teddy Art Card, $5, also looks great framed
also can be ordered as a 5x7, 8x10 or 11x14 inch print
Custom Alphabet Art, $30 to create, shown here 8x10 inch print, unframed
The Alphabet created from Kid Friendly "letters"
11x14 inch print, $20, unframed
Also available as a 5x7 Art Card
This 12x28 inch collage frame from IKEA holds up to six 4x6 inch prints.
Would be ideal for a first name, ABCDEF or numbers as shown here.

Custom Alphabet Art, 50th Birthday, $30 to create

Custom Number Art, 1961 shown here, $30 to create.
Further customize with name or personal message.
HAPPY Birthday card in sepia.

This colored Alphabet Collage has a 40th Birthday message "hidden" within.
Makes for a unique and artistic keepsake for a special birthday.
Cost is $40 and includes up to an 11x14 inch print
FOREVER FRIENDS in wine themed letters for a special birthday gift.

Your initial with full name underneath
Custom Alphabet Art, including baby's photo, $30 to create

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