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Gift Ideas for a New Home or Cottage

Alphabet Art makes a wonderful housewarming gift.  In addition to custom Alphabet Art, I have HOME, COTTAGE, CHALET and CAMP, which can each be further personalized with names and dates or photos.
For more information or to place an order please email Kathy at  kstanczak10@gmail.com
EST 2012 personalized with name and address, $15 for an 8x10 inch print unframed
I can also create a custom date or address using my architectural photos 
that resemble numbers, $30 for a custom order.
EST 2012 Realtor gift, 8x10 inch print shown framed to 11x14 inches.
HUNT shown framed to 11x14 inches
Family name STANLEY shown with sepia letters and a black background
Custom Alphabet Art for the Cottage CAMP DAVID NORTH, $30 to create
Welcome to Our COTTAGE, $25 for an 8x20 inch print unframed
add $5 to personalize with family name beneath
This example shown in a distressed frame with sepia print.
NEW!  Welcome to Our COTTAGE in vintage colored letters.
$25 for an 8x20 inch print unframed, add $5 to personalize.

NEW!  Add a colored background to your Alphabet Art
Welcome to our CAMP, available in any size print to fit your frame.
NEW  add a colored background image to your Alphabet Art
This example framed to 8x20 inches.
WELCOME can be ordered to fit any size frame, $10-30
Personalize for an extra $5.

HOME with quote, 8x10 inches, $10 unframed.
You can also substitute your own quote or personal message, add $5
HOME Alphabet Art personalized, only $15 for an 8x10 inch print, unframed
 HOME Alphabet Art Card $5
HOME SWEET HOME in Alphabet Art 11x14 inch print, unframed $15
can be ordered in black and white or sepia with black or white background
Custom Alphabet Art for your home, $30 to create
Custom Alphabet Art available to fit any size frame.
sepia print in black 8x20 inch frame shown
Custom Alphabet Art with first names included, $30 to create
Custom Alphabet Art using colored vintage letters, framed to 8x20 inches

WHALEN family name in colored Alphabet Art
FAMILY personalized with names, $15 for an 8x10 inch print unframed.
FAMILY with personal photo and quote, $30 to create.

BEACH with colored background photo shown framed to 7x15 inches
Can be printed to fit any size frame.
Perfect for the Cottage, BEACH Alphabet Art, $10 for an 8x10 inch print
can also be ordered in different sizes unframed 
and with your own personal photo (add $5 to customize). 
Welcome to Our Home combined with Custom Alphabet Art and background image. 

All images are (c) Copyright 2000-2016 by Katherine J. Stanczak and may not be reproduced without the express permission from the photographer.