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Alphabet Art using Numbers

Now you can commemorate a special date, or address using whimsical black and white photographs of either vintage numbers or architectural images that resemble numbers!  Wonderful keepsakes for weddings, anniversaries and graduations.  Also make perfect Save the Date cards for any occasion.
For more information or to place an order please email Kathy at kstanczak10@gmail.com

EST 2011 created from Architectural photographs.
Personalize with names, an 8x10 inch print unframed is only $15.
EST 1975 created from Architectural Photographs with black background
Any year can be created and personalized with names and address.
Realtor gift EST 2012 printed to 8x10 and framed to 11x14 inches.
Includes names and address below.

50th Anniversary Gift sized to 8x10 inches
Incorporate your photos with your Numbered Art
Custom Save the Date card, $30 to create
Custom Wedding/Anniversary date with personal photo included.
This example uses contemporary numbers.

Class of 2012 can be personalized with the name of school, the name of the graduate
or a personal message or quote.  Any year can be created.
Class of 2012 Graduation card, $5 as shown with quote from Ghandi.
Personalize your card for an extra $5
Custom Date, May 5 created from Architectural Photos
Commemorate a special date, shown framed to 8x10 inches.
 1961 created from Architectural Photographs
Any year can be created and personalized with names or message, $30
Great for anniversary, birthday
Custom Wedding Date, $30 for an 8x10 inch print unframed.
Also available in individual 4x6 or 5x7 inch photos.
This example uses contemporary numbers.
Custom Save the Date card created for $30.
I will give you the full resolution file so you can have as many cards as you like
either printed professionally or through an online website such as Zazzle.com.
Or, you can print your own 4x6 inch photos, they are wonderful reminders that
can be posted on bulletin boards or the fridge.
SEP 29 Save The Date card using Architectural numbers. 
4x6 inch numbers, $4 each
Create your own special date, address, year, or can be used as Table numbers
and then recycled afterwards to create a special date, etc.
Commemorate a special date using individual 4x6 or 5x7 inch numbers.
Here are 4x6 numbers framed in a collage frame from IKEA.

All images are (c) Copyright 2000-2016 by Katherine J. Stanczak and may not be reproduced without the express permission from the photographer.